25 Dec 2012

Agile daily stand up meeting Do's and Dont's


One of the integral features of a Agile model of executing projects is Daily Stand-up meetings, i have personally been working on Agile projects for more than 5 years now within different roles in different organizations. I still feel that very few organizations and operations do understand Agile model quite clearly and draw the correct relevance from daily stand-up meetings. Across all these years i was able to gauge some Do's and Dont's that for sure would bring in more synergy and productivity in any Agile team


  • Daily stand-up meeting should be done physically standing, having it over phone or sitting in a board room is not the desired and recommend way of having these meetings
  • Start the meeting with morale check for every one, before any team member speaks about his/her work as to what he should do and what he should not, they should first speak rate their morale between 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. Put the persons morale on team board as well, and do not discuss in the meeting why a persons morale is down
  • People should follow their daily work status after morale check, calling out issues / risks / status / plan for the day and even updating upon what one did yesterday.
  • Use white boards in team area for people to track work and call out any issues / dependencies
  • Have owners and dates defined for every issue / risk / dependency
  • Have team cheers created by your team for ending the meeting. Every one should sing the team cheer loud and clear before the meeting ends. This helps a lot bringing good energy and synergy within the team.
  • Don't forget to have people recognize and appreciate each others efforts at least once every week may be on Fridays stand-up meetings.

  • Never try to discuss solutions or resolve issues in the meeting itself, plan follow up meetings with only the required folks
  • Never discuss issues / concerns with a person , if his/her morale is down in the stand-up meeting itself.

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