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Find Your Rhythm

Work like a lion, sleep like a lion and find your rhythm of productivity.

Jonas Achouri Sihlén
Jonas Achouri Sihlén
1 min read

Productivity is not about being constantly ON. Just like our bodies need rest from an intense training session, our brains need mental rest from deep knowledge work. It is not abnormal to feel exhausted from a deep work session.

When we work, we want to feel effective. Producing results that has got value for whoever our audience is.

What seems to determine the output from our work is the level of intensity we can put into each iteration. And a common energy source to fuel our intensity comes usually from leisure activities.

Playing, cooking, resting, reading, yeah even watching an episode of your favourite show helps.

Jumping into your next iteration with positive energy and alertness take you to the next step, and the next and the next.

This is what I like to refer to as a productive rhythm. A healthy variance of intense work and total leisure.

Just like a musical masterpiece is made up of a beautiful balance of pauses and various tunes, we humans need to find our own rhythm of productivity.

Keeping a healthy variation of hard work and rest.

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