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Newsletter Update | Balancing A Tool & A Platform

Balancing the power of a distribution platform and writing tool to support daily writing habits.

Jonas Achouri Sihlén
Jonas Achouri Sihlén
3 min read
Newsletter Update | Balancing A Tool & A Platform


  • I am launching a newsletter on Substack
  • Weekly Nuggets will change into deep dives on particular topics at the intersection of technology, career, personal growth and the art of programming.
  • Slight changes in the design
  • New issue every Saturday
  • Why: Using the power of a platform (Substack) and a tool (
  • Better focus on distribution (newsletters) and creative deep dives (blogging)

A New Awakening

I sent a DM the other day to Gergerly Orosz, one of the greatest bloggers out there whom I have been following for years.

And just the fact that the creator of the No.1 Newsletter in Technology is responding to my DMs says alot about him.

Long story short, I got a new awakening on how I use this blogging tool ( which I love immensely and how I can combine it with a distribution platform.

Because, no matter how good your tools are there are certain limits. No tool is perfect. Gergerly clarified this to me. Ghost is great as a tool to create and share quality content and ideas, while Substack is better in being a distribution platform.

Even though my main goal is to learn about software engineering and write about my experiences, I still want to reach out to as many aspiring developers as possible.

The more people I reach out to, the better I can validate my ideas and the bigger the collective knowledge become.

The Tool

Ghost is my tool for continuous growth.

My goal is to learn about software engineering and the art of programming and writing is my method to do it more effectively.

Plus, I resonate with the open source community and I prefer to subscribe to a service that is not receiveing funding from venture capitalists and grifters. That's why I will continue to grow the content and the body of knowledge here, using this powerful tool.

More focused on writing long-form articles, exploring wider topics I am curious about.

The Platform

Substack is where professional writers hang-out and distribute their content. And even earn money doing so. Feeding their passion for writing.

This will be my platform for distributing my weekly newsletters going forward.

More focused on growing and reaching out to a wider community.

The first official newsletter issue is planned for next Saturday, April 22.

🚀 First issue coming on April 22… subscribe today and get ready for launch!
On Saturday, April 22nd the first issue of Nimblegeek’s freshly updated newsletter will be sent out to a growing group of learners in tech. This is a newsletter on continuos growth in tech. We will cover topics around career growth, learning and the art of programming.

This combination of a great tool (Ghost) for blogging and a great distribution platform (Substack) for newsletters is what I will use to support my writing habits.

But the number one focus will always be: Writing daily. There is no way around this.

No great work will be done magically with a fancy tool if I don't nurture the daily writing routine.

Photo by Andy Hermawan / Unsplash