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What Am I Up To Today?

Family 👧🏽 👧🏼 👦🏻 👩🏻

My main focus in my life is my family. Raising 3 kids and growing my relationship with my wife is my foundation.

To grow as a parent and a partner I need to spend time maintaining my physical and mental wellbeing. I am lucky to have found a few hobbies to support that:

My movement practice is making me humble:
- Training martial arts (brazilian jiu jitsu) at my favorite local dojo
- Building strength and mobility with functional training

🎻 🎹 🎸
As a kid I had the privilege to learn to play the violin and the piano. So today I nurture my musical interests by being a happy amateur playing mostly classical music. The acoustic guitar is a new found friend as well 🤗.

Work 🏢

At work, I am on a mission to make pension easy for Swedes. I work in a highly effective and cross functional team with a strong combo of product and tech focus.

I joined this nimble and experienced team in January 2022 as a Scrum Master and today I am building my first microservice whilst whilst contributing to the main repos by refactoring, tech docs updates and some minor bug fixes.

In between release management and facilitating agile ceremonies I try to find time to continuously learn more about the art and craft of programming.

Personal Projects 🚀

Besides learning the fundamentals in Java and as part of my learning journey in tech, I am dedicated to build a web app based on Spring and Angular.

My goal is to clone this and take the learnings from it to build my full-fledged web app, using Spring and Java for the backend and Angular and JavaScript for the frontend.

Blog & Newsletter✍️

The Tool

Nurturing and growing this blog is one of the most creative and developing projects I am up to at the moment. This is my tool and way to learn.

The Platform

I am also running a newsletter on Substack. This is where I share practical tools and actionable resources. This is my platform for growth.

Stay curious, stay nimble.