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Two Separate Processes

We cannot analyse a problem while fixing it at the same time. Same goes for learning. Digesting and sharing are two separate processes.

Jonas Achouri Sihlén
Jonas Achouri Sihlén
1 min read

When learning new things, such as a new programming language, a great way to enhance the process is through teaching.

Sharing your knowledge through writing, speaking or drawing or whatever you are comfortable with will boost the quality of your learning journey.

As soon as we start sharing, we are in creator mode. We shift our focus from scripting our knowledge in learning paths into a state of external communication.

These are two different processes and are challenging enough for our brains to run in parallell.Despite this challenge we find ourselves shifting from learning mode to creator mode, and back to learning mode. At the expense of quality.

We cannot analyse the problem while fixing it at the same time. They need to be separated somehow if we want boost our learnings.

By packaging the two paths into shorter iterations we can find our way forward.

A continuous beat of learning - creating - learning - creating. Packaged into a common body of collective knowledge.

We should all be grateful for this ability, as humans.

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